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We at the Cement Mould Company have been making ornamental moulds for many years and have established a reputation for excellent quality and original designs.

We have a unique range of moulds to produce interior design accessories and garden décor pieces with a difference. Stunning water features, gorgeous contemporary art pieces and beautiful furniture.

Our Moulds are exclusive. You cannot buy them anywhere else, and to get your hands on them you have to become a dealer.

Explore our unique business opportunities manufacturing ornamental concrete garden décor with our exclusive latex moulds. Fresh new approach to birdbaths, lawn ornaments, fountains and planters.

Cementmould Company

Two Faces Table Base

Designs with attitude.
From elegant, funky thru to traditional there is something for everyone.

Ideal for interior design solutions too. Our water features, statuary, urns, Buddhas, benches/outdoor furniture are just as comfortable inside the home as they are in landscaping projects. Not just yard art. The unique themes of our cement moulds from our stepping stones to our contemporary interior design statues makes for an exclusive business opportunity that cannot be matched. Why be in the business of selling the same tired old fashioned designs as everyone else? If you are looking at either starting a new business or expanding your existing one - you really should be taking a look at what we offer.